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Welcome to We are an online retailer in Missoula, MT specializing in bulk bullets and reloading components. We feature several brands of plated bullets and cast lead bullets. We also are currently growing our selection of hunting and target rifle bullets. In addition to providing customers with the bullets and brass they need to load their favorite calibers, we are committed to furthering the art of handloading and introducing newcomers to this exciting hobby. We invite our customers and visitors to contact us with any questions about our products. Thank you for visiting Mountain States Ammunition.

HSM Plated .50 Caliber (.500) 300 Gr Hollow Point Bullets HSM .40/10mm 180 gr Hollow Point Bullet HSM 38 Cal 125 gr Hollow Point Bullet HSM Plated .44 Caliber (.440) 240 Gr Hollow Point Bullets
HSM Hard Cast Lead 38/357 (.358) 158 gr SWC Bullets HSM 38 Cal 158 gr Hollow Point Bullet HSM 45 Cal 230 gr Round Nose Bullet HSM Hard Cast Lead 10mm/40 (.400) 180 gr RFP Bullets

Customers must be 21 years of age or older to place ammunition orders. Please review our Shipping Policy for further details.